आखिर कब तक!

कब तक रोकेगे बेटी को एक दिन आवाज़ आएगी तरीका बदल दिया अंदाज़ कैसे बदलो गे लड़की हो , बेटी हो, जवान हो, बच्ची हो यह भी न समझा नजरों की छूरी ने दुनिया देखने का समय तय कर दिया बुर्का, साड़ी, स्कर्ट सबको मुसीबत बोला कपड़ो की लंबाई पर तौला इतना भी  मत दबाओ मत करो  घमंड  अपनी  आजादी का एक दिन कही तुम्हारी वजूद … Continue reading आखिर कब तक!


  Have we ever questioned why we part our ways with the person we spent ages and claim to have known? We love a person desperately, even being ignorant of our self-love and is a little wonder that in time our reserves of love are exhausted and our relationship falter. The art of self-love which is barely practiced by human beings is the most important part … Continue reading self-love

Commitment or formality

Most of us come across a  relationship where there is honesty, love and also the commitment to a different meaning which is formed according to the lovebirds. Yes, this kind of relationship also exists in this universe where people are together but actually apart. There is a lot of fun and amazement in this journey of relationship. You want to express your feeling but you end … Continue reading Commitment or formality

To Right swipe or woo?

The 21st century is changing day by day so the meaning of relationship and love.The idea of right guy or girl has changed to right and left swipe.People have started moving on with their feeling rather have started exploring it. RELATIONSHIP is defined as the way in which two or more people are connected or the state of being connected. Traditionally any sort of physical intimacy … Continue reading To Right swipe or woo?